Our History

Bantelmann Translate is a guarantee of high quality

A passion for language

The founder of our company was Kurt Bantelmann, a native of Berlin who had worked as a freelance translator since 1978. He was fluent in five languages and had early discovered his passion for building bridges between different cultures, which was made possible by his talent for languages.

After founding his agency in Düsseldorf, and thereby becoming self-employed, he carefully selected highly qualified colleagues who were able to work as translators in a range of specialised areas.
His ability to recognise the particular strengths of each individual and use them profitably for a range of customers quickly earned him a good reputation, and the success he deserved soon followed.

The excellent quality of the work, punctual delivery, a good payment ethic towards those who worked for him and his honest dealings with customers and colleagues resulted in many recommendations, and these are precisely the values with which the name Bantelmann Translate is still associated to this day.

In 1994 Kurt Bantelmann sold his now flourishing business in Switzerland to Helmut Walter and the latter’s daughter Clelia, but continued to work as a managing director for „Bantelmann & Partner” from Düsseldorf.

Even after his death in 2006, his Swiss colleagues continued the work, until, in 2015, Cecilia Sanna and Silvia Caproli expressed interest in a collaboration, taking over the company in December 2015.

Since 1st September 2016, the company has been operating under the name Bantelmann Translate GmbH and is a prominent service provider on the German and European translation scene.