Terminology management

Terminology management

The correct management of terminology in a translation job is essential to optimise costs and working time, while also providing a guarantee of the quality of the translations carried out.

Working on terminology

In many areas of translation – especially with legal, medical and technical translations, as well as translations for the automotive sector – the texts to be processed contain a large amount of highly specific technical terms and jargon.

These terms are a necessary element in the communication of the sector they belong to, and the accuracy and consistency of their translation is essential to ensure a correct version of the text in the target language.

Translation memories

A translation memory (TM) is a database in which a series of expressions and phrases typical of the sector in which a client operates are stored, together with all matching translations.

If similar or identical phrases appear more than once in a text or in subsequent texts, the translation memory suggests the expression that has already been used in the past to the translator, possibly also including contextual information. This saves time and money and ensures stylistic and, above all, terminological consistency, which is essential for the correct interpretation of technical and specialist texts.

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